About Us

Personnel of the RightNow ehf company are experienced in different field of policy research related to Research, Innovation, Skills, Training and related areas. They are educated in the are and experienced with number of years working in intermidiate organisations.

The personnel has comprehensive expeience of working in former FP programmes of the CIP and are aiming at the Horizon 2020 and Cosme as well.

RightNow is a small company working with evaluations, analysis and indicators related to science and innovation. The company is located in Iceland and has built up a comprehensive knowledge of methodologies in the area. Staff members have a good working relationship with number of foreign experts in the area.

We are constantly open for cooperation of different kind to expand our network and gain knowledge on science and innovation for the benefit of governments, higher education and industry. 

The company has been working on policy research in Iceland, the Nordic Countries and in Europe. 

Iceland has a comprehensive Science base and a good industry base. Evidence of the situation and benchmarking thereof is to be found here:

Our focus is mainly on evaluation, analysis, skills development and policy research, related to science and innovation. Many other methods are known by our staff members. Examples could be mentioned such as forsight, user driven innovation, living labs, lead marked innovations, demand side innovations, cluster policies and management, studies on high growth entrepreneurs, just to mention few areas.

We welcome cooperation in projects and in designing new projects or instruments.

Conference on cross-border regional co-operation with Nordic countries on RDI policies

August 5-6, 2013, Kuressaare, Estonia
RightNow took a look at the content. The Presentation slides are here.